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Profile ImageEstablished in Ghana in 2013, African Food Safety Co (AFSCo) is set up to provide a pivotal and specialist food safety and security ingredient into the emerging African agro-food processing and hospitality sectors. Through sustainable skills transfer, enabled by building the competencies of food industry workers and managers, AFSCo is borne out of the need to empower and enhance the productivity of food companies in Africa. In line with the Food and Agricultural Organization’s recommendations, it is imperative for the region to develop effective food regulatory control systems, underpinned by appropriate food laws, enforcement and educational support.

The fragmented nature of the food regulatory framework clearly undermines the continent’s quest to tap into the lucrative global food trade. What is more, food insecurity on the continent means food safety requirements are instrumental in curbing post-harvest losses of grains and fruits and monitoring the use of ineffective pesticides. Significantly, as Africa continues to realize its great agro-processing potential from increased trading of non–traditional products such as fruits, vegetables, fish and nuts, there is even a greater need to adopt global food safety and quality standards.

Vision/Mission Statement

Vision Statement

Contributing to building a robust and competitive food industry in Africa, by delivering effective and targeted food safety education, and training solutions in a manner that produces sustainable behavioral change evidenced by a culture shift on the ground.

Mission Statement

Promote food safety in Africa’s food manufacturing sector.

Africa Rising

Rising urban population rates, burden on health and social infrastructure, inadequate food safety law and enforcement lead to more diarrheal and cholera incidents. AFSCo is birthed from the need to provide food safety training and capacity building solutions to various food sectors including Food manufacturers, processors, food service companies, and other public institutions (schools, hospitals and health care homes etc.

African Voices

AFSCo strives to be the voice and vision for food companies who are struggling to be competitive, and lack safety infrastructure, and capacity to develop viable trade potential on the national, regional and global scene. Headquartered in Ghana, the gate way to Africa and the fastest growing economy in the sub Saharan region, AFSCo is poised to make inroads into the rest of the continent in its agenda.

Learning Curve

The experience gathered from AFSCo, its partners and professionals in the field so far, is to provide simple and relevant solutions by engaging other likeminded organizations and donor organizations. To this end, support is directed to food organizations with the right mindset and channeled in building both organizational, infrastructural capacity and technical safety culture.

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African Food Safety Co, Near UPS Legon, P.O Box KD 1154 Kanda, Accra, Ghana- West Africa

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