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Profile ImageOur approach is designed to build long term and mutually beneficial partnerships with national, regional and international stakeholders in promoting a safer food supply system, with the future in mind. Our insight on current socio-economic trends in Africa that are driving the need for heightened food safety education and training is well recognized by national and international stakeholders. AFSCo is birthed from the need to provide food safety training and capacity building solutions to various food sectors including Food manufacturers, processors, food service companies, and other public institutions (schools, hospitals and health care homes etc.

Cultural Awareness

Adopting and sustaining a food Safety culture by African food businesses is viewed as a catalyst, to carve out the future for Africa as a major player in the international food trading market.

AFSCo understands that building a food safety culture is a herculean task. In view of this, AFSCo works with partner organizations such as Ghana’s Board of Small Scale Industries in building the capacity of emerging rural food processors.

Engaged Mindset

Engaging likeminded food businesses and organizations who visualize the added value of unlocking employee participation in achieving a sustainable food safety culture and business growth.

Reliability, Simplicity and Clarity

we are professional in our delivery and utilize information based only on sound and timely scientific data, ratified by international organizations such as the World Health Organization.


AFSCo currently occupies a unique position in this agenda, owed to the international experience of its consultants to the global food industry alongside thorough cognizance of African values

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African Food Safety Co, Near UPS Legon, P.O Box KD 1154 Kanda, Accra, Ghana- West Africa

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