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  • Food Safety/Quality Industrial Capacity Development

    Experience and Expertise

    Profile ImageTo add value to our clients, we offer strategic food safety and quality systems consultancy, and building solutions to meet their objectives of sustainable growth with a competitive edge. This is accomplished by executing on the ground, evaluations of pre-existing systems and gap analysis. This is to ascertain the level of compliance to pre- established food safety management systems; such as Hazard Analysis and Critical Control point (HACCP) or any Global Food safety standard such as BRC Global standards.

    Farm to Fork Model

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    AFSCo‘s capacity building process embraces the farm to fork model to capture all stages , through work action planning, corrective action reports and compliance setting; a food company is progressively nurtured and guided along the process to full capacity adoption.

    People Driven

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    Based on our industry insight and experience, we structure capacity building programs to involve key team members who play a leading role in the initial development phase and are supported by intermittent visits to the site to monitor and establish technical working procedures throughout the implementation phase.

    Progressive Development

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    AFSCo works to promote industrial development through comprehensive risk assessment and thus conducts its business in a manner that reduces operational costs to increase customer satisfaction and to add competitive advantage.

BRC Global Food Standards Capacity Development

BRC Global Food Standards

Agro-food processors daring to trade internationally are increasingly tasked to comply with international certification standards within their operations. AFSCo can help companies understand the BRC Standard and guide them through the process of meeting the requirements of the standard through in-house technical document review, physical evaluations, GAP audit analysis, technical auditing and work action planning.

HACCP System Training

AFSCo currently occupies a unique position in this agenda, owed to the international experience of its consultants to the global food industry alongside thorough cognizance of African values

ISO22000 Food Safety Training

The W.H.O recommends that HACCP based principles be incorporated into the food safety management systems of food businesses to ensure a preventative, and proactive based approach of spotting hazards at each stage, from the raw material stage to finished product.

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